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Why you’ll love using this platform:

  • The fastest way to get a support ticket into the hands of our technicians
  • Use templates to pre-fill required details for certain types of jobs
  • Update tickets with notes, attachments etc
  • Add new contacts and team members, update your contact details in our system
  • Check work in progress and review all details, technician notes and billing of previous jobs

Key points from this video

  • This is your most convenient place to submit tickets and review all work
  • Add new Team Members for your organisation using the Manage / Users menu item
  • When creating a New Ticket, you can select different templates to save you time
  • You can review Knowledge Base articles customised and specific to your business using the Knowledge Base menu or Search function
  • You can review all completed and active tickets as well as add notes and files to tickets from the Tickets menu item
  • This feature is available exclusively to our Partner Support Tier clients. If you’re not yet a Partner and would like to find out more, ask us today