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Why and when to use the Passportal password vault:

  • Securely store your business passwords
  • Safely share them with your team and with all from within the app
  • Way more secure than the little black book or the spreadsheet on the desktop! Way more convenient as it is accessible from anywhere via the web and phone apps!
  • A necessary step toward security compliance
  • We provide your entire team with one access so everyone can benefit from improved password security
  • You can control access to different team members and view access history based on users
  • If a team member leaves, we simply remove their user account, no more password access, easy!

Where to find it:

  1. Via website Resources menu
  2. Directly via

Who has access:

  1. The entire team

How to set it up:

  1. You will receive an email from with the subject “Activate New Site User”. Click on the link.
  2. Setting up a Site Admin (If you are the Primary Contact for your business):
    1. If you are not sure whether you are the Site Admin, hit us up at and we’ll let you know
    2. Follow this official guide to set up your Site Admin account –
    3. Once you are inside your account, save the Organization Key as a Credential in there. The Organization Key cannot be recovered and is required by all users when signing in
    4. The Site Admin account and Organization Key must be set up before the Site User accounts can be used
  3. Setting up a Site User (If you are NOT the Primary Contact for your business):
    1. Follow this official guide to set up your Site User account –
    2. IMPORTANT – To set this up, you will need your the business’ Organization Key. This can be found in the “ client app suite” email you received from

How to use it:

  1. Work through the sections in the site user (for all team members) or site admin (for primary contacts) official user guides
  2. Once logged in, you will see we have preloaded your password list for you. Now you can update and add new passwords to share as required. We will do the same so we are all always using the most up to date info
  3. There’s apps available for iOS and Android, more info on setting this up can be found in a section below
  4. There’s a handy web extension to set up as well, more info on setting this up can be found in a section below
  5. For a quick overview of the platform and to understand how to share passwords with your team, with or where to store private passwords and to understand the difference between a Site Admin and Site User, watch this video (about 5 mins)
  6. Speak to your business’ nominated primary contact for help using Passportal


Key points from this video

  • The platform allows you to securely and safely store passwords privately, shared with your team and shared with your tech support provider
  • We can set up a user account for all of your team members for ultimate security and to then log who’s accessed various credentials
  • If a team member leaves, we simply delete their user account and their password access is gone, simple!
  • Enforced Two Factor Authentication adds an extra layer of security
  • The platform also has a super handy mobile app. Help installing the mobile app can be found below…
  • The platform also has a web extension (installed from the General Settings when logged in). Help installing the browser extension can be found below…
  • We strongly advise setting up the mobile app and web extension for maximum convenience and availability of password whenever and wherever you need them

Setting up the mobile app

  1. Download the app for iOS ( or Android (
  2. Sign in using your username, password and 2FA.
  3. You’re good to go!

Setting up the browser extension

Key points from this video

  • Set the timeout setting of the web extension to a comfortable amount of time balancing convenience with security. If you are the sole user of the computer and it is login password protected, we suggest a setting for 30 days. In any other case, such as shared computer, we suggest a shorter timeout duration.

Sharing Credentials Between Your Team Members