Using the N-Able RMM for asset tracking and remote desktop

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Why and when to use the N-Able RMM:

  • See what see, review the list of devices we monitor and manage for your business at any given time, ultimate transparency
  • Check device health, perform selected remote functions on them from within the dashboard
  • Review device specs and performance all in one place
  • Remotely access company workstations. This is our alternative to Teamviewer so you get to use what we use
  • Use it as an Asset Tracking platform for all your tech devices deployed to your team

Where to find it:

  1. Via website Resources menu
  2. Directly via

Who has access:

  1. Company owners
  2. Nominated primary contacts

How to set it up:

  1. You will have received an email from with the subject “Welcome to your new MSP Remote Monitoring & Management account”. Click the link to set your password and two factor authentication, then login
  2. Once logged in, go to the Remote Access menu and “Download Take Control Viewer – N-Able”. Run the program that downloads to complete the installation, ready to use the Take Control remote access tool

How to use it:

  1. For a quick overview of the platform features, to see what we see and learn how to use the remote access tool, watch this video (less than 3 min)


Key points in this video

  • To use Take Control, select the device you would like to access from the list, ensure it is online (green icon to the left of its name), then hit the Take Control button at the top of the pane. Take Control app will open and attempt to connect to device. To end the session, simply close the Take Control window and quit the Take Control app.
  • You can review devices we have saved, check specifications and asset allocations in the same way we do internally.
  • This feature is available exclusively to our Partner Support Tier clients. If you’re not yet a Partner and would like to find out more, ask us today.