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Why you’ll love using this platform:

  • Securely store your business credentials and efficiently share them with your team and with
  • Way more secure than the little black book or the spreadsheet on the desktop! Way more convenient as it is accessible from anywhere via the web and phone apps!
  • You can control access to different team members and view access history based on users
  • If a team member leaves, we simply remove their user account, no more password access, easy!

Key points from this video

  • This relates to the PassPortal platform which allows you to securely and safely store passwords privately, shared with your team and shared with your tech support provider
  • Set the timeout setting of the web extension to a comfortable amount of time balancing convenience with security. If you are the sole user of the computer and it is login password protected, we suggest a setting for 30 days. In any other case, such as shared computer, we suggest a shorter timeout duration.