The Byron Cohort - House Rules

  1. On community and your fellow cohort members:

a. First and foremost, we’re a community so let’s build and maintain a professional culture of respect whilst also having fun. Ideas and suggestions for the space are most welcome 🙂

b. Switch your notifications to silent, avoid the use of speakerphone and use headsets for video calls or meetings

c. Other members are permitted to respectfully ask you to turn down your audio or take calls or meetings somewhere else if they are too regular or become disruptive. Other spaces can be made available for calls or meetings if this is the case

d. Remember, we’re a community - a cohort of like minded legends - so let’s get to know one another and share the space with respect and awareness 😉

  1. On using the space:

a. You are responsible to keep your desk area tidy at all times. If you require storage for some possessions please speak to a Cohort leader. Do not store possessions on the ground

b. It is a (rather strange) condition of our lease that any roller chairs are used only on the floor mats. Please remain mindful of this and avoid anything that may cause damage to linoleum flooring upstairs

c. Use of any shared space (including kitchen, fridge and bathroom) is done so with the agreement you will clean up after yourself and leave these spaces in a sparkling condition for the next user

d. On access and security:

e. Members are provided with access to the space 24/7 and are responsible for assisting in the secure lock-up of the space if they are the last to leave or working on the weekend. This includes ensuring all windows and doors are locked, air cons and lights are off and lock box with key inside is closed

f. As a shared workspace, we take our utmost care to ensure the safety of you and your property. We also have cameras and lock box key access installed for this reason. However, we can’t take responsibility for any possessions broken, stolen and/or misplaced at the Cohort. Any personal property left unlocked is left at your own risk

g. We’re sharing this space with other businesses with their own equipment and items so security is paramount. Never give your access code or key to anyone else, if an unregistered person is detected entering the premises and is your responsibility, you will be asked to leave the cohort


  1. On memberships and payments:

a. Desk rental is a monthly commitment direct debited in advance on the 1st of each month. If your direct debit fails, you will be notified within a day and if the payment is not confirmed that day, your access to the space will be revoked

b. We’ll be sorry to see you go, but you may cancel your membership any time, with it terminating at the end of your current paid month and you will be refunded any subsequent months. We are sorry but refunds cannot be given for partial months

c. All new members are automatically on a one month trial. If members are deemed an unsuitable fit for the space, a permanent place will not be offered at the end of the trial period and unused monthly payments will be refunded

d. Any member seen to cause malicious damage to any property or removal of any property that is not theirs will have their access to the space revoked and the remaining monthly payments may be used as bond to cover repairs or replacements

e. The Byron Cohort reserves the right to refuse membership and/or access at any time to any person who they deem unsuitable for the space. The Byron Cohort reserves the right to cancel memberships at any time for disruptive, disrespectful or illegal behaviour