Terms of Service

itac.technology removes the barriers to receiving top notch tech support from a real, local person. We believe in transparent communication, clarity in scope of service, the integrity of our team and the integrity of we choose to work with . We look forward to building a strong working relationship with you.

Our Service - Our time spent helping you by using our knowledge, skills and experience is our saleable commodity. As soon as we are engaged to save you time, heartache, stress, resources, confusion or money we will run our time tracking system and will accumulate billable time. We use a dedicated timing system to time by the minute, at our discretion.

Pricing and service levels - These terms of service support our service level and pricing information and any client specific service agreements.

Non-partner client support session minimums - Minimum 1 hour charge for any non-partner client on premises session. Minimum 30 minute charge for any non-partner client remote sessions. Remote is inclusive of phone, screenshare, SMS and email support. Partner client support sessions have no minimum.

Operating hours - itac.technology standard operating hours are Monday - Friday 10am-5pm, excluding public holidays. After hours rates apply Monday - Friday 5pm - 9am, all weekends and public holidays. Please be mindful of this when contacting us as after hours support is available for Partner clients only and charges will apply.

Contacting itac.technology - For fastest response, please call the office number 0266856797 or email hello@itac.technology. SMS and mobile phone calls to itac.technology team personal phone numbers are not always monitored.

After hours support - is exclusively available to Partner clients only. A non-negotiable minimum 1 hour charge for any support session (on premises, remote via phone, SMS or email) that is engaged after hours. Please ensure you and your team are aware of this before requesting support. For after hours support all requests must be lodged via the office phone number monitored voicemail system only. SMS, mobiles and email are not monitored after hours.

Passwords and credentials - itac.technology securely supply credentials for new systems at time of handover, we do not store passwords for non-partner clients and therefore pass the responsibility of storing passwords back to you at handover. Password or credential recovery service does take time. It is available for non-partner clients as an additional service for a minimum of $40. Standard hourly rate applies for more complex recoveries taking longer than 15 minutes.

Credentials and remote access for partner clients - as a Platinum Partner, we offer to store login credentials and set up remote access to your systems to make it faster for us to support you and ensure we are always able to access the information we need to help you. We use secure, reputable platforms and systems to do this and store only what you make available to us at your discretion.

Pre-authorised payment method - It is a requirement of some Service levels that a pre-authorised payment method be setup to automatically charge invoiced amount on the invoice due date. It is also optionally offered to other service levels as an added convenience for payment. If a payment is made prior to the due date, the automatic payment will not be processed.

Payment terms and overdue invoices - Standard payment terms are 7 days from date of invoice, extensions are available at prior request at our discretion. Failure to honour payment of invoices within 30 days more than three times will result in itac.technology non-negotiably requesting and enforcing the use of our Pre-authorised payment method system. Until account is cleared and pre-authorised payment method is setup, we reserve the right to refuse service and deactivate any of your services provisioned by us and within our control.

Session cancellations - We appreciate and respect that your time is valuable as is the time we allocate to working with you. Please bear this in mind as any booked and confirmed sessions cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will incur a cancellation fee.

Confidentiality - the itac.technology team agree to maintain confidentiality when dealing with the client’s information and work within the scope of these terms of service, service levels and client service agreement.

Cancellation of Partnership Agreement - - Clients wishing to cancel their agreement must do so with at least one months advance notice after their initial contract term has passed. This final month’s membership fee is allocated to securely removing the client from all itac.technology systems and handing over stored data (such as passwords and job notes) to the client for future reference. Failure to honour this one month advance notice will result in termination of all client data stored on file.