Recommended Technology Stack

Many years of trial and error and experience have resulted in us developing our Recommended Technology Stack. We’re proud to share this with you! All our techs are knowledgeable and trained in all of the items listed below and we’re also stoked to report we “are what we eat” in that we use this very stack in our own business every day.

A consistent hardware stack using industry leading brands not only ensures superior performance and uptime, but also results in efficient support as we already have the intimate knowledge of each bit of kit required to keep you online and secure. If there is a compelling reason to use other 3rd party brands or equipment, that’s OK too. However, support will be at our discretion and may not be included in your agreement.

These technologies are vetted by us and chosen on the following criteria:

  1. Feature to value comparisons
  2. Relevance to client location/industry
  3. Functionality
  4. Availability
  5. Environmental impact and sustainability - see Our Commitment To Green (environment, ethics and sustainability)

Hardware and Services

  • Cloud

    • Microsoft 365

    • Google Workplace

  • Email Security

    • MailAssure

    • SMTP2Go

  • Workstations

    • HP

    • Apple

  • NAS

    • Synology

  • Network

    • Draytek modems and routers

    • Ubiquiti Unifi network management

    • Ubiquiti Unifi switching and wireless

    • Ubiquiti routers, switching and wireless

    • Ubiquiti Amplifi and Aircube, mesh and wireless

  • Telephony

    • Yealink

  • Multi Function Printers

    • Brother

    • Contract via Colourworks

  • CCTV

    • Ubiquiti Unifi Protect
    • HIK Vision
  • Audio

    • SONOS


    • Backup

      • Veeam for Windows (free license)

      • Time Machine for macOS

    • Security

      • Managed Antivirus via RMM

      • eSet Internet Security

      • Malwarebytes (free license)

    • RMM agent

    • Google Chrome

    • Adobe Creative Suite

    • Adobe Reader

    • VLC

    • Teamviewer

    • Revo (free license)

    • WinRAR

    • CutePDF

    • Microsoft OneDrive

    • Google Drive

    • Microsoft 365 Office Apps