Industry Solutions

Case studies for Accommodation Providers

  • Client - has a number of properties throughout Belongil and Byron Bay
  • Problem - they can’t be on location at every location all the time so required a way to monitor one of satellite properties for security and safety
  • Solution - ITAC installed high definition IP surveillance camera system on location, accessible remotely from owner’s iPhone
  • Client - runs a 200 bed dorm room accommodation property in central Byron Bay
  • Problem - the guests demand Internet connectivity more than they demand clean bedding and the wireless hotspot system combined with Byron’s dated Internet infrastructure wasn’t performing
  • Solution - ITAC overhauled the Unifi Wireless Hotspot system and upgraded then aggregated three ADSL2 Internet lines to manage the high demands of peak season resulting in a 99% network coverage and uptime for the property with guess complaints down to zero.
  • Client - has an established, high-end boutique accommodation in central Byron Bay
  • Problem - in the 14 plus years of ownership, they’ve never been able to provide consistent Internet connection to each guest room and receive constant complaints
  • Solution - within 1 hour, ITAC surveyed the premises, located existing wiring that could be repurposed to carry network data and installed dedicated access points to each room wired back to a central comms cabinet. As a random bonus, we also leveraged our local network of contacts and arranged a plumber to redo their guttering!

Case studies for the Retail Industry

  • Client - has one of the busiest retail store operations in Byron Bay
  • Problem - high reliability requirements and reliance on all technology from Internet connection to point of sale hardware to cloud storage solutions to email, a local server, a web based POS platform and more
  • Solution - we formed a long term strategic partnership with service level agreement with this business to offer immediate, priority service becoming their one contact for all things tech, assisting them through a franchise change, new business establishment, change of all hardware and inventory management system and much more.
  • Client - runs a successful, busy offline business and also has a website to compliment the bricks and mortar store
  • Problem - being so busy with he day to day running of the business, the website maintenance and updates get neglected
  • Solution - we handle all website maintenance tasks on behalf of the client through a monthly website management agreement. Website is updated, secure and current whilst the client can get on with the more important aspects of running her business.

Case studies for Farming and Agriculture

  • Client - has a large livestock and crop growing property
  • Problem - their main office is located in an Internet black spot, down a gully, yet requires fast, reliable Internet connection for day to day running on the business
  • Solution - use point-to-point wireless network to transmit a fixed wireless business NBN connection on a structure at a higher point down to the office.
  • Client - runs a busy agriculture business and owns grazing properties throughout a large geographical region
  • Problem - monitoring livestock and water levels on remote properties requires time, fuel and money to send a worker long distances for a simple task
  • Solution - using solar powered, 4G Internet connected, high-definition time lapse cameras, we allow the farmer to log in to a dashboard and remotely view all his grazing properties direct from his phone or computer in the comfort of the office.