Our Commitment To Green (environment, ethics and sustainability)

  • Wherever possible itac.technology will source components from ethical suppliers and manufacturers (Shop Ethical > Technology ), properly recycle all waste including packaging and reuse or repurpose where practical.

    We regularly research various supplier, hardware and recycling options to ensure we are doing our bit. Always be mindful of this when working with clients, suggest they ewaste their hardware, or offer to do it for them, ensure the packaging will be disposed of properly, or bring it back to the office, discuss what they intend to do with old systems that may be repurposable to ensure nothing is wasted unnecessarily.

    Wherever possible, itac.technology will:

    1. Ensure our products have a minimum C rating on Shop Ethical

    2. Choose suppliers who use recyclable packaging, avoiding polystyrene

    3. Recycle all packaging including cardboard, polystyrene, soft plastics

      1. Handle unavoidable polystyrene via Lismore Recycling and Recovery Centre. The polystyrene is melted down into bricks and turned into recycled products such as skirtings, picture frames etc

      2. Stockpiling soft plastics awaiting reestablishment of a new initiative to replace REDcycle

    4. Ewaste all electronics via local council initiatives

      1. What to do with e-Waste

      2. Problem waste

      3. Recycling your electronic waste