G Suite user creation with 2FV and Cloud Identity Free license

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Log into https://admin.google.com with an administrator account. Click on Users

Click on Add new user.

Fill in the details and click on Add New User

Click on the new created user’s email to open the account properties

In the account properties, scroll down to the bottom to the Licenses section and click on the arrow on the top right corner

This will show the different licenses available. Click on the pencil on the top right corner to edit them

Click on the switch under Status  for the G Suite Basic license to assign one to the new user and click on Save on the bottom right corner to save the changes

 With this, the account will be fully functional and all the apps included on the license will be available for the new user.

The last step is to configure 2 Factor Verification (2FV). This service is Enforced in your organization but needs to be activated by each user. By default, G Suite is configured to allow a new user to Enroll on 2FV within the first 24 hours after the account creation. The new user just needs to log into https://accounts.google.com with email address and provided password. It will ask them to Accept the terms and conditions and the next step will ask them if they want to Enroll in the 2FV

Notice that, if they don’t Enroll at this point they won’t be able to access their account unless an Administrator configures it.