On average our phone rings X times per day and a call can last anywhere from X to X. On average we can receive up to 200 email messages per day, each one anywhere from X to X to process. That’s X per day that a technician is directing traffic, not being able to focus and do the important work of resolving issues for our clients.

So, with that in mind, we’re building a new enquiry handling system and we thank you for your patience and welcome your feedback whilst we evolve it to where it needs to be.

Support requests

Will be directed to an online system where we can ask you targeted questions and the priority of the issue so when it lands in our system we know most of what we need to get working on it asap! We will then get back in contact either via email or phone to take the next steps.

Other calls

Via a new interactive voice menu system, any non-support calls will be directed to the right team or person based on your selections


In an attempt to lighten the email traffic load, support requests will be processed, XXXXX